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We have worked alongside

restless CEOs since 2006

External financial management

Incorporate an External Finance Director to your team, strengthen the quality of your decisions and free up time to focus.

Smart accounting

Outsource the economic management of your company and enjoy complete, reliable and timely information.

Improvement projects

Optimize your economic area to make it key to your business growth.


Automate processes and use management tools (CRM, BI) with a shared integrated software solution (ERP).

Leaders in external financial management

You set the goal, we help you
create an action plan to reach it

Argelia García
CEO ToGrowfy

Our values are our identity

Commitment to the company

Rigour in observance of the accounting criteria

Flexibility in the solutions

Integration within the company’s team

Reporting of all developments

Confidentiality in the treatment of information

We provide quality financial management to companies of any size by offering clear, reliable, complete and timely data to make the best possible decisions

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