Our Values

All EFM members work in accordance with the core values of the company that are part of a philosophy that permeates each and every one of our projects


We are committed to our clients and projects, to the team, to our franchises.


In observance of the accounting and legal criteria to achieve reliable results.


In the solutions we provide and how they should be applied, always focused on making the business grow.


Reporting economic concepts in a way that our clients may find accessible and useful.


Within the company’s team, we collaborate, we go beyond the proposals and get the work done.


Finances require discretion beyond, even, what is legally binding.


After our initial contact we will get to know each other. You will meet with a senior professional to design the best plan to help you.
Throughout the time we work together, we will assign you a professional team under the responsibility of a senior manager who you will see and contact on a regular basis.
There will never be any unwanted surprises in the invoicing of our fees.
We will present you with a work proposal and a budget for you to assess.
The work of the team, including the services of the senior professional, is always upon in the budget.
Regarding our ongoing services, we do not demand a minimum contract term from our clients.