People helping people

We are a team of people committed to solving the needs of other people, our clients.

Our origins, our mission

We work alongside restless CEOs’, is what we like to say. Despite the fact that our clients differ in size and activity, they do have something in common: their leaders are driven by a dream, which is to boost the growth of their business.

We have been working with them since 2006, when ToGrowfy began, based on the knowledge of the founders of the company EXTERNAL FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT, Miquel Carrió and Argelia García, two professionals from the fields of financial management and auditing have over 25 years’ experience working alongside large companies.

Both have succeeded in bringing their knowledge, experience, know-how and values to companies of every size and sector. For 11 years, a good number of companies have turned the tide, weathered the crisis, survived and grown with the help and support of a committed and professional team. The mission of EFM has been to provide professional financial management to companies of all sizes focused on growth. However, this mission was not easily understood by the market, which led to the formulation and publication of the basic concepts embodied in the book Three questions for intelligent economic management

ToGrowfy is the answer to the partners’ original dream to provide smart economic management to more and more companies, allowing them to make sound decisions based on complete, reliable and timely information.

We carry forward the legacy of Miquel Carrió, and we face the challenge of adapting to the new times we live in, where the exciting and revolutionized financial world is flooded with the intensive use of technology in full digital transformation.




Argelia García

I have been in the business world for over 25 years. I have a degree in Law, and I am an expert in Finance, Business Growth and B2B Management thanks to IESE, ESADE and EADA. Author, master’s degree lecturer and speaker.

As CEO of ToGrowfy, my role is to support my team in our mission to help restless CEOs make the best decisions.

I love learning something every day from everything and everyone. Sportswoman, traveller, mother of Ferran and Arnau, and addicted to a positive attitude towards life.


Miquel Carrió

Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Postgraduate in Auditing and Finance and consultant for ACCIÓ, the Catalan governmental innovation agency.

Entrepreneur, dynamic and passionate about business growth. Founder, source of inspiration and pioneer of the External Financial Management between 2006 and 2017.

Miquel loved people, his family and his friends. A fervent traveller and passionate about all the good things in life.


Àngels Tadeo

Economist specialized in Taxation by the Col·legi d’Economistes de Catalunya. Member of AEDAF (Spanish Association of Tax Advisors). I have been enjoying my job for more than 24 years.

At ToGrowfy, I am the Tax Partner and my mission is to inspire you to know that the profitability of the business has to go hand-in-hand with optimum taxation.

I am an enthusiast, a great lover of travelling, of culture diversity and a good collector. I am also the mother of Júlia Cai and Jana Wen, travellers like me from the very start.


Tamara López

Collegiate lawyer (ICAB 30,269) with more than 20 years dedicated to the defense of companies, in court and out of it. I have a Law degree and a Master’s degree in Business Law from ESADE and a postgraduate degree in Unfair Competition (ESADE).

As a Legal Partner of ToGrowfy, my main objective is to safeguard the interests of restless CEOs and their companies that will so enjoy their business adventure the greater indemnity and security as possible.

Addicted to constancy, unconditional traveler, athlete and mother of Alex, the little greatest engine of my life.