Our services

We help our clients make decisions based on a clear and objective understanding of their finances and with tools for their strategic planning.


Incorporate an External Finance Director to your team, strengthen the quality of your decisions and free up time to focus.

  • Organisation and planning of the company’s accounting team.

  • Cash flow planning.

  • Banking negotiation and search for funding and investors.

  • Budget control: budgeting coordination and deviation analysis.

  • Analytical accounting. Procedures.

  • Own fiscal and legal department.

  • Reporting to management, holding companies or investors.

  • International controlling of subsidiaries.

  • Independent professional counselling.


Outsource the economic management of your company and enjoy complete, reliable and timely information.

  • Preparation of monthly accounts.

  • Filing of quarterly and annual tax returns.

  • Preparation of annual accounts.

  • Delivery of monthly accounts closing.

  • Comparison with monthly budget.

  • Monthly delivery of collection and payment due dates list.

Other additional services are:

  • Analytical accounting by projects or basic cost centres.

  • Cash flow budget.

  • Payroll management and employment consultancy.

  • Visit to the company every week, fortnight or month.

  • Reporting to shareholders, investors or holding company.

  • Services available in English.


Optimize your economic area to make it key to your business growth.

  • Business plans.

  • Optimization of the company’s economic area.

  • Viability plans.

  • Strategic plan.

  • Training.

  • Coordination of software implementations.

  • Interim management.

  • Help with recruitment.


Automates processes and uses management tools (CRM, BI) with a shared integrated software solution (ERP).

  • Accounting: automated and digitized, with uploads and downloads in Excel, banking files, intelligent scanners and our commitment to continuously incorporate the most innovative technology.

  • Analytical accounting: to find out where it is generated or lost.

  • Cash flow management.

  • Document management: your documents at a click of a button, not only to see your accounting, but to access your invoices easily.

  • Business Intelligence: the key to your business decisions, all the information of about your company at hand to help you make decisions.

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management): to support the growth of your sales department.

  • Sales: billing management.

  • Purchases: purchase orders and expense management.

  • Projects: for companies that work on the basis of projects, a specific management module.

  • Warehouse: for distribution and production companies.

  • Production: specific module for industrial companies.


We have a team of specialized lawyers, with an extensive experience in each area, that will offer you adapted legal solutions to increase your company’s value and protect it during its activity performance:

  • Civil and commercial legal advice: Corporate and Contract Law, Intellectual and Industrial Property and Unfair Competition.

  • Family Business.

  • Civil, commercial and criminal-economic litigation.

  • Arbitration.

  • Prebankruptcy Law and arrangements with creditors.

  • Administrative Litigation.

  • Legal and commercial advice to accompany entrepreneurs and Start-ups.

  • Legal advice to Foundations and Associations.

  • Real Estate Law and Urban planning.

  • Data protection and Privacy.


Legal compliance has ceased to be an administrative requirement to become a good business management indicator.

Corporate Compliance, as a set of procedures and good practices adopted by companies to identify their legal risks and to implement internal mechanisms of prevention, control and reaction against those risks, has become a first order business need.

In addition, the latest reforms of Spanish Criminal Code impose new obligations for the CEOs and their companies, they are advised to have Criminal Risk Prevention Reports (Criminal Compliance) which would allow them to be held exempt or to mitigate their criminal liabilities.

This area comprises the following services:

  • Design and preparation of Crime Prevention Report (Criminal Compliance).

  • Implementation of Action Plan (corrective measures of prevention, detection and response).

  • Follow up process, verification, control and regular auditing processes through the External Compliance Office.

  • Modifications and updates of Crime Prevention Report (Criminal Compliance).


The tax environment of your company or business is one of the most complex issues in business management as it is continuously changing; therefore it requires a very detailed and customized planification of each situation.

Our role is to assist the company in this complex path of taxation:

  • Local tax planning. Preparation of tax models.

  • Reply to requirements from the Tax Agency.

  • Attendance and representation before the Tax administration authorities.

  • Negotiation of Tax Debts with the Tax Agency.

  • Accompaniment, study, representation and defence in tax inspection procedures.

  • Defence in proceedings before the Economic-Administrative Courts.

  • Tax Check list (tax audit) intended to:

    • Having a full view of the tax issues

    • Detecting and assessing risk areas.

  • Preparation of Tax Due Diligence.

  • Planification of international taxation.

    • Non-resident investment

    • Internationalization of Spanish company

    • Exit Tax

    • Transfer Pricing

  • Taxation of natural persons.

    • Income tax of natural persons.

    • Donations and Inheritance tax.


We advise you on all labour issues your company needs. We help you to choose the best option regarding labour relations and Social Security related to the administration of the staff of your company.

  • Monthly Payrolls and Social Security contributions.

  • Elaboration of Labour contracts.

  • Registration, unregistration and modifications in Social Security.

  • Labour inspections.

  • Labour Due Diligence.

  • Communication of work accidents.

  • Special Social Security regimes.

  • Layoffs and legal advice in labour conflicts.

  • Services to the staff, retirement, disability, etc.